Frequently Asked Questions

My headlights need to be restored, how do I find somebody to do it?
Simply click on where to buy and enter your postcode and your closest outlets will be listed.
The Restoration and Philips Upgrades can be done at home, but headlight aiming is very specialised and requires you select a Philips Authorised Specialist to aim your headlights.

Can I do just 1 of the three options?
Yes you can. Each element can be done individually but we advise all three for the ultimate result.

How effective is the maintenance?
The surface of the headlight lens is completely restored with the maintenance program and is back to as new condition.

How long will the restoration take?
The process takes approximately 10 minutes per headlight.

How long does the UV clear coat take to dry?
The UV clear coat takes approximately 1 hour to dry. ( allow 1.5 hours for colder weather)

How many headlights does a kit restore?
The headlight restoration kit will restore 4 headlights (ie 2 cars).