The Lighting Specialist program is growing...
You can grow with it!

The success of the Lighting Specialist Program can be measured by the increased business and sales of the members all around Australia. In just 5 years, the program has grown to over 350 Auto Electricians registered in the Philips Lighting Program. Many of them are now upgrading to become Master Lighting Specialists by registering for the Speaker Heavy Duty Lighting and the Invision Headlight Maintenance Programs.

These two new additions to the program make the Lighting Specialist a lot stronger and gives you the tools to service a wider range of customers.

With the Philips, Speaker and Headlight Maintenance websites recording over 5,000 visits a month, your business will receive the sales enquiries by customers with lighting needs. It's free advertising with targeted leads for new business.

Future developments for the program include an e-learning centre where your staff can log in and complete their training online and be assessed, additional media advertising templates, online marketing advice and access to new products designed for the Lighting Specialists.

  • The Lighting Specialist Program now gives you access to Philips Automotive Lighting, Speaker Heavy Duty Lighting and the Invision Headlight Maintenance Program.
  • With each program, you are listed on the Invision Sales website so when customers are looking for those services, your business is listed by distance from the customer.
  • Latest technology updates and advanced product trends.
  • The in depth product training is designed to give you the knowledge required to recommend and service advanced lighting products.
  • Pre-made advertising templates to promote your business.
  • Merchandising for your business to increase impulse sales.
  • Store signage promoting your lighting services.
  • Access to Invision Sales marketing services.
  • Consumer website to drive customers to the Specialist program
Get Listed Online!

Become a Master Lighting Specialist

The Invision Lighting Specialist Program is designed to be modular, so you choose the category that best suits your business. This can allow you to become a specialist in Philips Automotive Lighting, Speaker Heavy Duty Lighting or Headlight Maintenance.

When your business is a Lighting Specialist in all 3 categories offering all products and services, it automatically becomes a Master Lighting Specialist.

As a Master Lighting Specialist, consumers and trade customers will be directed to your business for all of the 3 services, while the training you receive will keep your product knowledge at the highest level.

Philips Automotive Lighting, Speaker Heavy Duty Lighting, Headlight Maintenance

Lighting Specialist display signs

For each Lighting Specialist Program and Master Lighting Specialist, Invision Sales will provide a display sign to advertise the service. These signs are able to be mounted either indoors or outside.

  • Lighting Specialist signs size: 900 x 600mm.
  • Master Lighting Specialist sign size: 1200 x 900mm.
Philips Automotive Lighting, Speaker Heavy Duty Lighting, Headlight Maintenance