DRL Lights for safety.

Daylight Bad Weather 40% Night Bad Weather 60%

A study published by the European Commission shows that 40% of accidents occur during daylight hours, which has been part of the reason for the development and implementation of DRL Lights. Philips believe this accident rate can be reduced with improved visibility and the extreme white and powerful light of DRL Lights makes a vehicle highly visible to pedestrians and oncoming traffic.

Daylight 5

DRL Lights for style.

LED Daytime Running Lights add style to any vehicle while increasing the level of safety. The compact design and powerful white light are designed to compliment todays vehicle.

DRL Lights for the environment.

From an environmental point of view, daytime running lights provides an effective solution to improve visibility of vehicles while being much more effective and efficient than existing lighting devices. The energy consumption of LED DRL Lights is approximately only 10% of conventional headlight systems.

While DRL Lights substantially increase the visibility of motor vehicles to other road users, they have an extremely low energy consumption compared to existing dipped-beam headlamps or fog lights. Low beam headlights or fog lights draw approximately 110 watts, generating 330 cd of light with a colour temperature of 3,300K. DRL Lights draw approximately 14 watts, generating 650 cd of light with a colour temperature of 6,000K whilst being more fuel efficient than existing lights.

Super easy D.I.Y fitting.

To make installation simple, Philips have developed the ultimate DIY kit in their DRL range. The innovative bracket has been designed to add virtually no extra size to the compact light unit, allowing it to fit into a wide range of today's vehicles where space in the front end is very limited. The bracket can be mounted via three surfaces, top, back or base and the light unit snap fits into it. It is such a neat fit, the light unit even has slots to allow for the screw heads so there is absolutely no wasted space. The plug & play wiring kit includes hi-tech electronics making it easy to fit and is designed to detect when the headlights are turned on. This dramatically simplifies the wiring for the installer and is a real time saver even for professionals installing the kit. A complete installation can be done within an hour making it truly DIY.

Innovative Technology. Unique Features.


  • Simple installation with basic tools
  • Ultra-slim design fits most car models

Automatic on/off switch

  • Automatic on/off switch
  • Road-legal and ECE R87 approved

Original Equipment Quality seal

  • It guarantees high quality products for more safety on the road combined with Philips state-of-the-art technology

Optimised high-power Philips LUXEON® LED

  • Projects a powerful bright white light
  • Optimised energy consumption
  • Lasts the car's lifetime (50,000 hours or 250,000 km)