A lighting solution for any vehicle.

Philips offer a comprehensive range of Upgrade and Standard Replacement globes to cover every possible lighting application in any vehicle. The OE quality range of upgrade and replacement globes includes Headlights, Signalling, Xenon HID, Mining & Heavy Duty and Motorcycle.

Philips Automotive Bulbs enhance the safety and comfort of the world they illuminate. Combining technical innovation with a genuine concern for the safety and driving comfort, Philips offers an extensive range of headlight & signalling bulbs.

High Performance Upgrades.

Philips High Performance Upgrades give you two distinct ways to upgrade your visibility, comfort and appearance on the road.

Xenon HID.

Philips Lighting has been at the forefront of Xenon technology since it’s creation in the late 80’s. Since then Philips has played a large part in the advancement of Xenon technology and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Xenon HID bulb technology.

Xenon HID technology was introduced on to the first production vehicle in 1991 (BMW 7 Series). Today, Xenon HID is the preferred headlight option for many luxury vehicles.


Alongside the Philips car range of replacement and upgrade globes, there are also both upgrades and replacement globes for motorcycles ranging from safer and more orange globes to globes for the riders who want extremely high performance, clear white lighting.

The Philips Motorcycle upgrade range is designed to cover a wide range of rider needs from a brighter whiter light, a safer light and a globe designed to resist excessive vibration.

For those who want to change a globe with an exact replacement, the range also includes conventional original equipment replacement globes.


Philips LongLife EcoVision halogen globes last four times the lifetime of a standard globe, making it ideal for professional drivers and people who spend long hours behind the wheel.

The new EcoVision range of fuel-saving halogen headlight globes offers advanced energy-saving technology which enables drivers to replace standard globes and use up to 20% less power, without any compromise on light output..

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