Model 60 - Portable LED Scenelight

The revolutionary Model60 from J.W. Speaker combines the versatility of portable lighting with the robust performance of a scenelight.

Powerful Carry Torch

When folded down, the Speaker Model 60 can be used as a high powered LED torch that can be easily carried by the ergonomic handle.

The lamp can also be removed to give you the freedom to cast light where you need it.

3 Lighting Modes

The Speaker Model 60 has a range of lighting modes to give you the perfect lighting solution for any need. Whether it's a normal worklight with 5 brightness settings, a 2 pattern strobe light for safety/warning or a wide beam flood light to send light over an entire scene, the Model 60 has you covered.

Model 60 - Portable LED Scenelight Model 60 - Portable LED Scenelight Model 60 - Portable LED Scenelight Model 60 - Portable LED Scenelight Model 60 - Portable LED Scenelight Model 60 - Portable LED Scenelight Model 60 - Portable LED Scenelight

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Variable Mast Rods

Integrated variable section mast extends to a height of 1.8m for improved lighting range and visibility. The 4 extra rods can be neatly packed away inside the unit when not in use. The rods feature a Quick Lock design for easy assembly and take down.

Model 60 - Portable LED Scenelight

Superior Battery Life

Speaker have worked hard to bring you a battery that will allow you to work with reliable lighting. The high performance long life battery delivers lasting operating time with a fast charge cycle, taking only 4 hours to fully charge.

  • 8 Hours @ 100% Light output
  • 16 Hours @ 50% Light output
  • 33 Hours @ 25% Light output
  • 240+ Hours @ 8% (Sign Mode)

Remote Control Option

To save you getting up and down the ladder, or travelling across the workshop, an optional version of the Speaker Model 60 includes a remote control for all lighting functions. The compact, lightweight remote is perfect for pockets and overalls, giving you easy access to lighting modes, brightness and power On/Off.

Note: Unit must be ordered with remote option.

Flood Light Lens Shade

The Speaker Model 60 has spot and flood light lens options. As standard, the lens optic is a high intensity spot light. It is converted to a flood light lens by rolling down a flexible cover that is built into the lamp head.

The acrylic lens resists scratching & scuffing.